2-6 Feb 2015 Geneva (Switzerland)

Financial support

Participants requesting financial assistance to attend the BCool workshop are invited to apply for COST support.

The COST European action MP1104 kindly accepted to co-organize our session on « spectropolarimetric investigation of stellar magnetism », that will be held on Monday Feb 2 and Tuesday Feb 3. Financial support will be available for a limited number of participants working in one of the 22 COST affiliated countries.

COST will pay for travel fees (plane, train, bus…), 3 hotel nights (with a limit of 120EUR per night) and 6 meals (with a limit of 20EUR per meal). We highlight that these supports are not for the entire BCool meeting, but only for the COST session of Monday-Tuesday.

Applicants are invited to send an email to the organizers (bcool2015@irap.omp.eu) with a talk title and abstract (note that the proposed contribution needs to be related to polarimetric measurements).

Deadline for financial support application: 2014 Dec 26.



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